Explore a Magical World in Portal Fantasy, an Upcoming Pixel RPG!

• Portal Fantasy is an upcoming browser-based pixel RPG that aims to bring new life to the blockchain gaming space.
• The game features two distinct playstyles and a play-to-earn system allowing players to obtain NFTs of in-game characters.
• The closed beta on the Polygon network will be accessible to a limited number of players who have received beta passes from the developer through social media.

Portal Fantasy: An Upcoming Pixel RPG

Portal Fantasy is an all-new adventure RPG title set to breathe new life into the blockchain gaming space by empowering both gaming and crypto communities alike. This browser-based pixel RPG blends nostalgia with innovative gameplay loops, and promises high replayability for its users. Drawing heavy influence from old school titles such as Pokémon and Zelda, Portal Fantasy also incorporates a play-to-earn system enabling users to obtain NFTs (non fungible tokens) of in-game characters, which can then be freely traded with other players.

The Team Behind Portal Fantasy

The team behind Portal Fantasy consists of experienced individuals from industry titans like Ubisoft and Haemimont Games, helmed by quant developers with extensive knowhow in integrating blockchain technology seamlessly into a “fun first” gaming experience.

Closed Beta Launch on Polygon Network

The closed beta for Portal Fantasy will launch on the Polygon network on April 11th, 2023 – following its earlier launch on Avalanche – and will be available only to those who have received beta passes from the developer through social media channels.

Popularity & Interest From Gaming & Crypto Industries

The game has already garnered much interest within both the gaming and crypto industries due its inventive playstyle, making it one of the most anticipated titles this year.

Second Phase Of Roadmap Ahead

As Portal Fantasy gears up for launch, the team looks ahead towards their second phase of their roadmap – inviting gamers around the world to join them in exploring an entirely new world!

Crypto Payment Settlements to Reach Merchants Within 3 Years: Survey

• According to a joint study by Ripple and the Faster Payments Council (FPC), more than half of the surveyed leaders of payment firms think most merchants will accept cryptocurrencies as a settlement method within one to three years.
• Almost every participant believes that blockchain technology will enable faster financial transactions in the near future.
• Over 50% of the surveyed leaders think lowering payment costs is crypto’s main merit.


A joint study conducted by Ripple and the Faster Payments Council (FPC) estimated that more than half of the surveyed leaders of payment firms think most merchants will accept cryptocurrencies as a settlement method within one to three years. The study was done with 300 participants from Middle East, Africa, and Latin America who suggest that blockchain technology will enable faster financial transactions in the near future, as well as lower payment costs both internationally and locally.

Expected Development

According to most participants crypto could become a widely used payment method in the near future and lower settlement costs. Nearly all respondents predicted this development within three years. However, those from Middle East and Africa are more bullish on its development with 27% believing it would happen in 12 months time or less while Latin Americans seem to be slightly less optimistic at 67%.

Benefits of Crypto Payments

The primary benefit cited by over 50% of survey participants was lowering transaction costs which can be up to 4%, according to US Chamber of Commerce data. This is especially beneficial for cross-border payments which only about half currently provide cross-border payment services today despite being aware of its advantages.

Utilizing Blockchain Technology

Participants also believe that blockchain technology has an important role in enabling faster financial transactions in addition to reducing fees associated with payments, especially for international ones. The distributed ledger systems make it easier for users across different countries who may have difficulty utilizing traditional banking systems due to geographical constraints or legal reasons, allowing them access to global markets like never before.


The research indicates that cryptocurrency could soon become widely accepted by merchants worldwide, providing benefits such as lowered transaction and processing fees associated with payments – particularly for those sending money across borders -as well as improving speed and accessibility for users globally who are unable use traditional banking systems due to geographical or legal constraints.

$140M Stolen Assets Recovered After Counter-Exploit of Wormhole Bridge

• The Wormhole Bridge exploit was one of the largest crypto hacks in history, with over $325 million stolen.
• A counter-exploit conducted by Oasis and Jump Crypto recovered a portion of the stolen assets worth $140 million.
• The High Court of England and Wales ordered Oasis to retrieve the remaining assets with a court-authorized third party.

Wormhole Bridge Exploit

The Solana-based Wormhole Bridge was hacked for $325 million after an attacker managed to exploit a security flaw, making it one of the largest exploits in crypto history.


A group of white hats, along with two crypto firms, launched a “counter-exploit” against the malicious entities and clawed back a portion of stolen assets tied to the exploit. Wormhole offered a $10 million bug bounty and white hat agreement to the attackers in exchange for returning the funds, which never transpired. The vulnerability was also patched. This led to an investigation with government and private resources as well.

Retrieval Of Assets

Oasis received an order from the High Court of England and Wales to take all necessary steps to retrieve assets involved with the wallet address associated with the exploit. According to reports, $140 million worth of assets were successfully recovered following this counter-exploit initiated via Oasis Multisig. The funds were returned to a court-authorized third party approved by the court itself.

Bug Bounty & White Hat Agreement

Wormhole had previously offered a bug bounty and white hat agreement in exchange for returning lost funds, which never transpired due to lack of response from attackers themselves. This resulted in further investigations into malicious activities carried out by them on decentralized finance platforms such as Oasis Multisig and other blockchains based on similar technologies such as Ethereum or Tron blockchain networks.


A successful counter-exploit was conducted by two crypto firms along with some help from government resources that helped recover part of stolen assets worth approximately $140 million from Wormhole Bridge Exploit that took place earlier last year .

PlayDapp Acquires ProudNet: Reliable, Secure Tech for US Game Market

• PlayDapp has acquired ProudNet, a peer-to-peer server network provider, to enter the US gaming market and provide game developers with reliable technology.
• ProudNet is used by over 200 games globally, including Nexon’s “Vindictus,” Netmarble’s “Monster Taming,” “Seven Knights,” and “Marvel Future Fight” and Capcom’s “Street Fighter 5”.
• It is known for its patented technologies like System And Method For Changing Channels For Guaranteed Reliability Communications (Patent Issued 2016.5.31) and User Datagram Protocol Networking Method For Stability Improvement (Patent Issued 2019.6.11).

PlayDapp Buys ProudNet to Bring Reliable, Secure Technology to US Game Market

The PlayDapp team announced the acquisition of ProudNet, the renowned peer-to-peer server network provider. This move is seen as an aggressive step towards entering the US gaming market and is set to provide game developers with the best possible technology in terms of stability and reliability for online multiplayer gameplay.

About Proudnet

ProudNet, formerly a subsidiary of Pearl Abyss best known for cross-platform MMORPG Black Desert, is used by over 200 games globally. The company’s expansive portfolio is comprised of globally renowned titles, including Nexon’s “Vindictus,” Netmarble’s “Monster Taming,” “Seven Knights,” and “Marvel Future Fight” and Capcom’s “Street Fighter 5”. Moreover, Proudnet is preferred by server developers for its patented technologies like System And Method For Changing Channels For Guaranteed Reliability Communications (Patent Issued 2016.5.31) and User Datagram Protocol Networking Method For Stability Improvement (Patent Issued 2019.6.11). It is this technology that enables the company to achieve world-class performance in online gameplay.

Benefits of Using Proudnet

FPS, MRPG, MMORPG and other online, mobile, and social game-developing companies use Proudnet to make online gameplay more stable and reliable which can be notoriously hard to achieve.

Client Base

The company’s main client base consists of Asian game developers; however it has recently been seeing increasing demand from Western markets as well.


PlayDapp’s acquisition of ProudNet will help strengthen their presence in the US gaming market by providing top-notch networking capabilities for highly reliable multiplayer gameplay.

WazirX Challenges Binance with Legal Action Over Wallet Services

• WazirX and Binance have a contentious relationship over the opaque ownership of WazirX.
• After Binance gave WazirX a few hours to withdraw all its funds, WazirX responded by transferring assets to multi-signature wallets.
• WazirX then threatened Binance with legal action due to the unsubstantiated allegations in their blog post.


The Indian crypto exchange WazirX has been subject to ongoing confusion and speculation regarding its ownership over the past two weeks. This led to a heated exchange between the CEOs of both companies, Changpeng Zhoa from Binance and Nischal Shetty from WazirX.

Binance’s Deadline

On February 3rd, Binance issued a statement giving its estranged partner just a few hours to withdraw all funds from its wallets and accounts. In response, WazirX tweeted that it was in the process of transferring assets to multi-sig wallets which they expected to complete within the next few hours.

WazirX Responds

In an official statement released on February 7th, WazirX reassured users that digital assets were stored in accordance with industry leading standards and that there was no need for concern despite their fallout with Binance. They also threatened legal action against Binance due to false and unsubstantiated allegations made in their blog post.

Industry Leading Standards

WazirX stated that user funds are stored in multi-signature wallets which adhere to industry-leading standards, providing greater security for customers’ digital assets.


The dispute between these two exchanges shows no sign of abating any time soon as both parties continue accusing each other of making unsubstantiated claims about ownership and other matters related thereto. It remains unclear how this situation will be resolved or what impact it may have on either company going forward.

Ethereum Breaks Through $1300 Resistance, But Correction Is Imminent

• Ethereum’s price has been on a steady rise, breaking through the $1300 resistance level.
• A short-term correction appears to be imminent, as the RSI indicator has been in overbought territory for a few days.
• If a correction does take place, the 200-day moving average around $1400 and the 50-day moving average around $1300 could act as support points.

The Ethereum (ETH) price has been on a steady incline as of late, with the cryptocurrency breaking through the $1300 resistance level. This surge in value has been largely driven by the recent institutional investment into ETH and the increased demand for the asset. Despite this positive price action, some signs are pointing to a potential short-term correction in the near future.

The daily chart for ETH shows that the RSI indicator has been in overbought territory for a few days, suggesting that a correction is in the cards. If a pullback does take place, the 200-day moving average located around $1400 and the 50-day moving average located around $1300 could act as support points.

In terms of resistance points, the $1800 level could prove to be a challenge in the short-term. Moving upwards from there, the next key area of resistance could be found at the $2000 level. This area has been a major psychological barrier for Ethereum in the past and could be a tough nut to crack.

On the macro level, Ethereum continues to benefit from the increasing demand for decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. This demand has led to an influx of capital into the Ethereum network, which has in turn caused the price of ETH to rise. Additionally, the launch of Ethereum 2.0 is also expected to bring in more investors, further driving up the price of the digital asset.

In conclusion, Ethereum appears to be on the cusp of a short-term correction. However, on a larger time frame, the asset continues to remain bullish, with the $1800 and $2000 levels being the main areas of resistance. With the launch of Ethereum 2.0 and the increasing demand for DeFi protocols, ETH could continue to experience positive price action in the long-term.

Bitcoin Breaks $21k: Prepare for Mid-Term Bull Run?

• Bitcoin’s price has gained significant bullish momentum and recovered from the drop caused by the FTX fallout.
• It has reached a robust resistance, and if the bulls push the price above it, a mid-term uptrend will become possible.
• Bitcoin has surpassed the wedge’s upper trendline reaching a decisive resistance level with considerable momentum.

The cryptocurrency market has been on an incredible bull run in recent weeks, with Bitcoin (BTC) leading the charge. After a period of sideways trading, BTC made a strong move on December 17th, 2020, breaking through the $20,000 mark and setting a new all-time high. Since then, the digital asset has continued to rally, touching $21,000 before retracing slightly.

At the time of writing, BTC was trading at $20,943. Despite the slight pullback, the overall sentiment in the market remains positive and many investors are expecting the digital asset to soon break through the $21,000 resistance level.

The recent rally has been largely driven by institutional investors, who are increasingly turning to Bitcoin as a safe-haven asset in the face of a weakening U.S. dollar and rising inflation. Moreover, the rollout of several large-scale cryptocurrency infrastructure projects has further boosted investor confidence.

In addition to the institutional interest, retail traders have also been piling into the market. This can be seen in the record trading volumes that have been recorded on several major crypto exchanges.

From a technical perspective, Bitcoin is currently trading in a wedge pattern, with the upper trendline at around $20,800. If the bulls can push the price above this level, a mid-term uptrend could become possible.

The next major resistance level is around the $21,500 mark, which is the previous major pivot. If Bitcoin can successfully break through this level, the demand could return to the market and send the digital asset higher.

On the other hand, if the bulls fail to break through the $21,500 resistance level, the digital asset could enter a period of consolidation. In such a scenario, the price would likely remain range-bound between $18,000 and $21,500.

Overall, the cryptocurrency market appears to be on the cusp of a major breakout. If the bulls can push the price of Bitcoin above the $21,500 mark, a mid-term rally could become possible. On the other hand, if the digital asset fails to break through this level, it could enter a period of consolidation. In either case, investors should keep a close eye on the market and be prepared to act accordingly.

Solana (SOL) Price Rockets 60%, Buyers Could Push Price to Pre-Collapse Levels

• Solana (SOL) has experienced a major price surge of 60% since the end of December.
• Buyers remain in control of the price action, and there is potential for the price to reach pre-FTX collapse levels soon.
• The buying volume is making higher highs, and the RSI is close to reaching overbought levels.

Solana (SOL) has been on a major rally recently, with its price more than doubling since the end of December. In the last week, SOL has surged up by 60%, and the bulls remain in control of the price action. This surge has taken the price to the key resistance at $27, and if buyers can break this level, then they could potentially push the price back to its pre-FTX collapse levels.

To maintain the bullish momentum, buyers will need to keep buying volume up. Fortunately, the buying volume has been making higher highs recently, which is a promising sign for buyers. If the buying volume can continue to remain strong, then there is potential for the price to reach new heights.

The daily RSI for SOL is close to reaching overbought levels. This indicates that buyers are eager to get their hands on the cryptocurrency, which could further boost its price. However, if the RSI continues to remain close to overbought levels for too long, then it could signal a potential reversal.

In the event of a reversal, the key support level is found at $20. If buyers fail to defend this level, then the price could start to tumble. As of now, sellers remain absent, but if they start to return, then this could cause a major sell-off.

Overall, SOL has experienced a major price surge in the last week, and buyers remain in control of the price action. The buying volume is making higher highs, and the RSI is close to reaching overbought levels. If buyers can break the key resistance at $27, then there is potential for the price to reach pre-FTX collapse levels soon. On the other hand, if sellers start to return, then the key support is found at $20.

Bitvestment Review and Test

By its own account, Bitvestment is the world’s largest and most advanced Bitcoin trading platform ever. Bitvestment is headquartered in Hong Kong and the company specializes in trading cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin, there are currently twelve other cryptocoins that can be traded. A special feature at Bitvestment is that it is possible to trade with up to 3.3 times leverage. In addition, Bitvestment also provides its customers with their own cryptocoins to speculate on. The fees are staggered according to trading volume and are below the market average when compared to competitors. The foundation of the cryptocoin exchange dates back to 2012. Since then, Bitvestment has been able to adapt its offer and has optimized its security systems once again.

Bitvestment experience – our broker test

Bitvestment is a cryptocoin platform that was founded in 2012. Thus, the provider belongs to the large group of cryptocoin exchanges that started on the market between 2011 and 2014. However, its headquarters are neither in the United States nor in Europe, but instead Bitvestment is based in Hong Kong.

According to the cryptocoin exchange, it is the world’s largest and at the same time most advanced Bitcoin trading platform. Customers can trade a total of 13 cryptocurrencies via Bitvestment, and even margin trading is possible. Thus, traders can not only buy or sell cryptocurrencies such as Litecoins, Bitcoins or Ripple, but also claim speculation opportunities through leverage.

Website and registration at Bitvestment

The user interface on the Bitvestment website is well structured, not too cluttered, but the most important information and functions are very visible. At the same time, the cryptocoin platform is designed to provide customers with targeted and fast options to buy or even sell the cryptocurrencies on offer. One shortcoming – as is unfortunately the case with numerous cryptocoin exchanges – is that Bitvestment’s website is only available in very few languages, namely English, Russian as well as Chinese. Although this shows the internationality of the cryptocoin exchange, a few more languages could still be offered, such as German, French or Spanish. Thus, many customers have to either translate the offer (have it translated) or use a competitor.

Anyone who wants to trade via Bitvestment, which incidentally also works via mobile app, must first register. For this purpose, there is a menu item “SignUp” in the upper right corner of the website. Only a few details are required there until the registration is successfully completed. For this purpose, the cryptocoin exchange sends an email where you have to click on an included link to receive confirmation that your registration has been completed. Afterwards, however, another step is necessary, which we will discuss in the following in our security category. By the way, you can also log in to your account at the same place later by clicking the “Login” button.

Cardano kaufen mit Lastschrift

Die SEPA-Überweisung ist die Zahlungsmethode, die von jedem Anbieter angeboten wird. Damit ist Cardano kaufen mit Lastschrift die am weitesten verbreitete Zahlungsmethode.

Der Kunde erhält vom Cardano-Anbieter die Bankverbindung und einen klaren Verwendungszweck.
Der Kaufbetrag wird dann auf dieses Bankkonto überwiesen. Dies tut der Kunde über seinen Online-Banking-Zugang oder mittels des ausgefüllten Überweisungsträgers, den er bei seiner Bank einreicht.

Dem Händler entstehen die geringsten Kosten für die Annahme von Überweisungen. Diese liegen bei wenigen Cent für die Buchungsposten bei seiner Hausbank für Zahlungseingänge.

Die Banküberweisung ist in den meisten Ländern eine der besten Möglichkeiten, Cardanos zu kaufen.


Banküberweisung kann von Kunden in ganz Europa genutzt werden
Geeignet, um eine große Menge an Cardano zu kaufen
Sehr niedrige Überweisungskosten


Hohes Betrugsrisiko durch unbefugte Nutzung von gehackten Bankkonten oder gefälschten Überweisungsformularen.

Dementsprechend sind zusätzliche Identitätskontrollen möglich.
Langsam; eine Banküberweisung kann 1-2 Banktage dauern

Die Banküberweisung ist auch die häufigste Zahlungsmethode beim Verkauf von Cardano. Sie erhalten den Gegenwert Ihrer Cardanos auf Ihr Bankkonto gutgeschrieben.

Sie können Cardano mit SEPA-Überweisung bei folgenden Anbietern kaufen:

  • Anycoin
  • bisq
  • Bit4coin
  • Cardano.de
  • Bitpanda
  • Btcdirect
  • Coinbase
  • Coinify Handel
  • Happycoins
  • Oktopusse
  • LiteBit
  • LocalCardanos

Kryptobörse Binance stellt Zahlungen aus dem SEPA-Netzwerk der EU vorübergehend ein

Die Kryptowährungsbörse Binance wird vorübergehend Euro-Bankeinlagen über eines der wichtigsten europäischen Zahlungsnetzwerke aussetzen, wie sie am Dienstag in einer E-Mail an ihre Nutzer mitteilte.

In der E-Mail hieß es, dass Kunden ab 8 Uhr morgens koordinierter Weltzeit am Mittwoch nicht mehr in der Lage sein würden, Geld über das SEPA-System (Single Euro Payments Area) einzuzahlen. Dies geschehe aufgrund von “Ereignissen, die außerhalb unserer Kontrolle liegen”, so die Börse in der E-Mail.

“Alle Einzahlungen, die in der Zwischenzeit über SEPA versucht wurden, werden innerhalb von 7 Werktagen zurückerstattet. SEPA-Abhebungen sind von dieser Aussetzung nicht betroffen”, so Binance.

Die Entwicklung wurde zuvor von der Financial Times berichtet.

Das Netzwerk ist ein Projekt der Europäischen Union, das darauf abzielt, Euro-Zahlungen in der gesamten Region zu harmonisieren, und ermöglicht es Verbrauchern, Euro in drei Dutzend Länder zu senden. Binance nimmt in der Regel über Zahlungsvermittler am SEPA teil.

Binance war in letzter Zeit mit einer Reihe von Maßnahmen der Aufsichtsbehörden auf der ganzen Welt konfrontiert.

Die thailändische Finanzaufsichtsbehörde reichte am Freitag eine Strafanzeige gegen die Kryptowährungsbörse ein, weil sie ein Geschäft mit digitalen Vermögenswerten ohne Lizenz betreibt, und die britische Finanzaufsichtsbehörde untersagte dem Unternehmen kürzlich die Ausübung regulierter Tätigkeiten in dem Land.

Die japanische Aufsichtsbehörde sagte letzten Monat, dass Binance in dem Land illegal tätig sei. Die deutsche Aufsichtsbehörde erklärte im April, dass dem Unternehmen eine Geldstrafe droht, weil es Token in Verbindung mit Aktien anbietet.