Explore a Magical World in Portal Fantasy, an Upcoming Pixel RPG!

• Portal Fantasy is an upcoming browser-based pixel RPG that aims to bring new life to the blockchain gaming space.
• The game features two distinct playstyles and a play-to-earn system allowing players to obtain NFTs of in-game characters.
• The closed beta on the Polygon network will be accessible to a limited number of players who have received beta passes from the developer through social media.

Portal Fantasy: An Upcoming Pixel RPG

Portal Fantasy is an all-new adventure RPG title set to breathe new life into the blockchain gaming space by empowering both gaming and crypto communities alike. This browser-based pixel RPG blends nostalgia with innovative gameplay loops, and promises high replayability for its users. Drawing heavy influence from old school titles such as Pokémon and Zelda, Portal Fantasy also incorporates a play-to-earn system enabling users to obtain NFTs (non fungible tokens) of in-game characters, which can then be freely traded with other players.

The Team Behind Portal Fantasy

The team behind Portal Fantasy consists of experienced individuals from industry titans like Ubisoft and Haemimont Games, helmed by quant developers with extensive knowhow in integrating blockchain technology seamlessly into a “fun first” gaming experience.

Closed Beta Launch on Polygon Network

The closed beta for Portal Fantasy will launch on the Polygon network on April 11th, 2023 – following its earlier launch on Avalanche – and will be available only to those who have received beta passes from the developer through social media channels.

Popularity & Interest From Gaming & Crypto Industries

The game has already garnered much interest within both the gaming and crypto industries due its inventive playstyle, making it one of the most anticipated titles this year.

Second Phase Of Roadmap Ahead

As Portal Fantasy gears up for launch, the team looks ahead towards their second phase of their roadmap – inviting gamers around the world to join them in exploring an entirely new world!

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