Grayscale puts an additional $719 million in BTC fund

The current price for one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently $11,358.85. That’s -0.77% more than 24 hours ago. If you now want to buy bitcoin for $100 you will get about 0.0088 BTC for this.

The total market cap is $210,339,208,702.50 with a circulation of 18,517,650 BTC.

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Coinbase has over $11 billion worth of Bitcoin in cash.

The number of Bitcoin Freedom in stock exchanges is decreasing rapidly, but the American stock exchange Coinbase still has almost 1 million in cash. To be precise, 994,904 BTC according to data from ChainInfo.

At the current rate, that amounts to more than $11 billion in bitcoin. This is almost 1 million BTC. There can be a maximum of 21 million bitcoin, so a large amount of all BTC is currently at Coinbase.

By the way, these are (mainly) customer funds, Coinbase manages all this money but it is not only theirs.
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This Bitcoin fair launches its own hardware wallet with fingerprint scan

Cryptobeurs comes up with a new product. It is a separate hardware wallet that allows the user to act with extra security on the platform. The device is called the Wallet S1 and it offers extra security for the storage of private keys from, for example, Bitcoin. is located in Hong Kong. More than $63 million worth of different crypto coins pass through the order book every day. The stock market is striving to improve the security of customers’ funds with this hardware wallet.

Amazing figures Grayscale: Bitcoin Trust grows $719 million in Q3

Asset manager Grayscale Investments today announced its third quarter figures. It appears that the company has had a number of good months. No less than $1.05 billion has been raised for the various products they provide, including their Bitcoin Trust. It is the largest inflow of capital in a quarter ever.

The idea behind Grayscale is very simple: as an institutional investor, would you like to buy crypt currency, but avoid risks with private keys and also avoid the regulatory burden? Then you can go to one of Grayscale’s funds

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